Confessions of a Single Mom Part 1

Ergonomically Correct

I don’t know about you, but I spent my childhood excited about any time I was allowed to spend alone at home. Especially as a teen, I waited until my parents said they were going out to enjoy my individuality. As teens, some of us threw parties, others just relished in their ability for freedom and autonomy. Everything that fell into place was ergonomically correct…

Or So It Seemed

Fast forward to adulthood, many of us whine because we have a relationship we can’t stand. “He’s too dirty” or “She talks too much”…”He’s an asshole”…”She’s full of fuckin drama”…

Whatever The EXcuse

Suddenly we don’t want that relationship anymore. We decide to leave the toxicity (whatever level that is) and venture back into that freedom we wanted to feel so badly as teens. Except…

We Are Conditioned to Believe We Need Someone To Be With Us At All Times In Order To Be Happy

Why? We cry because now we are 38 (or whatever age) with children who would rather live with their dad. Now WE have teens and suddenly they want that freedom… “it’s not because we don’t love you but we would rather live with Dad.” For me, suddenly I stumbled into an abusive relationship where I almost lost my life because at the time I felt lonely and bored. At first, in introspection, I sensed he understood me when I hadn’t seen my family in 10 years, felt as if I finally would quit fighting with people…or so I thought. He treated me good at first…opened doors, brought me flowers…

Double Fast Forward to 9 Months After I Ended Relationship

I FINALLY realized my worth, but then I discovered that I have all this time on my hands. I quit living in denial that my kids will suddenly miraculously change their minds and want to live with me happily ever after like a fairy tale with the picket fence and the beautiful family. I realized that I HAVE to spend time alone. That it’s NECESSARY for my mental, emotional, and spiritual growth and development. I also figured out I was hiding from my past by trying to force a toxic relationship unnecessarily then realizing that I might be better off alone. At least for now…

The Meaning of Life is Love

So you will always create more meaningful relationships. Why does there ever have to be a label on any significant relationship anyway?

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