The Wounding

Been battered, bruised, and torn– Kicked while I was down. Forced to dress your way, so you could steal my crown.

Made me think you loved me, but all you did was shout. Filled my mind with fear– Created massive doubt.

You listened and you used it– To hurt and torture me. I begged you to let go– I wanted to be free.

Somehow all your needs. Were all that you had known. Bruises you had left behind. Are no longer shown.

The damage you have done– I’ll never be the same. Outside marks have healed– Inside there’s massive pain.

5 thoughts on “The Wounding

  1. freemikehawk says:

    That’s AWESOME. We learn from our mistakes, however NOBODY DESERVES what he put you through. There’s not even a word to describe the FILTH IN SOCIETY. Don’t let it consume you. Living alone one tends to get lost in their own minds & usually doesn’t go so well. (Trust me on this one. I’m talking from experience). NO MATTER WHAT!!! Don’t ever show that side of being victimized, because like I’ve said before, you give us STRENGTH. You’re a SURVIVOR. AN INSPIRATION. And most of all, a BEAUTIFUL SOUL. STAY SEXY MY FRIEND!!! your friend in the north…❤️‼️😘 Mikey Man. (because if nobody can…get Mike the Man) PS, can’t wait to meet him. There’s a special place for the ones who abuse women, children & animals. And we look out for the ones without a voice. SMILE HUN. SHOW US THAT SHINE!!! (give us a heads up though. My shades are in the truck) 😘

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  2. Purple monkey ballers says:

    So beautiful. Your soul may be damaged and still needs time to heal, but know that your beauty is shining bright from within. I feel your anger, your pain your despair. I feel your strength and your passion busting through and conquering the darkness. You are a survivor a warrior. You are powerful and will show the world what strength really is. Never let go of your strength and use it to conquer your weeknesses. You are a queen worth fighting beside. Stay strong my Queen. 😌🖖🌱🌬️💨💨💨💨💙💜✨

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