Unconscious Ramblings


So many heartaches in my life–
Too much to do, and so much strife!
As the sun disappears to the other side,
I often wonder why I hide.
I live in fear of not enough care,
Or stranded– left completely bare.
I worry if I’ll live to see
The day I’m blessed with grand babies.
I cower in fear of my many mistakes.
But I have to embrace them– they’re what it takes!
I know this, yet, I run and hide
And forget the reasons why I’ve cried.
My life– though not an easy feat
Has made meeting me a crazy treat.
My humor makes me seem as if
I never cried or wiped a sniff,
But my skeletons have made me cry
And question life, the point, and why.
So, here I am coming completely undone.
Why can’t I be more laid back and fun?


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