Who Am I?


On the verge of insanity–
I can’t recognize my own name.
I’m imprisoned in a life
That puts all my family to shame.
The don’t understand me,
So, I try not to place any blame.
But that internal demon
Smashes my soul like a game.
I will never be someone
Who fits their picture-perfect frame,
Which is probably why
My father sent out a disclaim,
And forgot his own daughter
Over something remarkably lame,
But I found the bridge
And striking that match– set the flame!
My apathy is starting to stitch
The pieces from what my heart became.
My will– ripped back when
They all used to madly exclaim
That I’m the hindrance
And I’m not the same
As those people who
Seem so ashamed
Of my individuality
That keeps me aflame
And makes me
Want to reclaim
The life that lets me
Have my own fame!


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