Like a Thief


It’s been too long, my friend!
The days turned into nights
Passing through my life
Like a thief stealing
His treasure
In the night.
The roses
Have bloomed.
The weather
Has transformed
The caterpillars
Into butterflies.
Yet, life goes on,
And it won’t
Wait for you;
It won’t slow down.
It just is–
Full of wonder–
Into the dust
Of the earth–
Life waits for
No one.
It continues
Whether you are
Willing or not.
It occurs when
You least expect it–
While you are busy
Planning out your future–
It can kick you
When you are down–
When you assume you
Can go no further
Because the muscles of
Your mind are sore
And worn out
Like a professional
Sports player
Accepting an injury,
But finding the courage
To push through.
Life happens–
Whether you want it to
Or not–
It’s like a beat-up
Pick-up truck
Driving on the horizon
To its destination
Only to break down.
Yet, somehow
Someone comes along
And helps repair your ride
At the right time
Throwing you off-course
But creating character–
Making you wiser–


5 thoughts on “Like a Thief

      1. Sidharth says:

        We face the same devils on different levels in the journey of life, been badly caught up with work at my end as well & it was an absolute joy going your post as always 😊

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Sidharth says:

        Glad to hear from you again, miss your valuable thoughts on regarding my poems although I understand & respect the fact that you would be busy with your real life engagements so whenever you get time & according to your convenience please do read some of my recent writings would love to hear from you, stay in touch bud😊


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