Cherish Every Moment


Cherish every moment–
Never take things for granted.
For someday, you will reap
What your heart has planted.

Extremes can cause a heartache,
And leave a bruise inside;
Life can throw a curveball,
And make you want to hide.

But things happen for a reason–
I strongly believe it’s so!
So, when you feel like dying
Remember it helps you grow.

No one has it easy
We all have a battle to win.
When you see others down
Remember where you’ve been!

The world would be much better
If everyone had compassion,
But people seem more concerned
About judging other’s fashion.

This isn’t what we should do!
It makes me feel so irate
When others look on the outside
When they’re looking for a date.

There’s more to life than pretension–
There’s more to love than looks–
There’s more to a mate than foreplay,
Or judging the cover of books!

So, remember don’t be so intense
When you’re looking for an answer
Because critiquing others’ lives
Is as good as having cancer.


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