6 thoughts on “Passion Wins!

    1. MoveOverOptimist says:

      I’m trying. It’s hard to keep up. Maybe I should cut down on trying to post on all blogs and just post once a week on each of them and spend the rest of the time commenting. I like a lot, and I do go to read other people’s stuff. Maybe I should comment more…???

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      1. robert okaji says:

        Commenting is probably more effective than merely liking, which is rather passive. The recipient of the like may never know that you liked their post, whereas they’re sure to know that you’ve commented, especially if you leave detailed comments.

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      2. MoveOverOptimist says:

        Yeah, I guess I should put myself in their shoes because I AM in their shoes lol. Sorry for the long pause…I’ve been studying for the Colorado QMAP written test and nurse practicum the last couple of days. I haven’t had much time to do anything but jam all that info into my brain 😛

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