Broken Dreams

2016-02-18 07.00.07

Life isn’t always

what it seems,

So don’t fill your vessel

With broken dreams.

Sometimes the questions

Seem worthless and vain,

But the more you know

Will keep you sane.

What’s the point

To all of this?

I’m tired of crying–

I want my bliss!

All I can attempt

Is to keep moving on–

Hope somehow my steps

Will show a new dawn,

But every time

I conquer fear

The hope I felt

Brings another tear!

Something new

To test my devotion,

And bring anxiety

Back into motion.

Is life a hopeless

Mess of fate?

I’d like to believe

I can pull my own weight!

I want to see how I

Can control my thoughts,

And create a life that doesn’t

Make me distraught.

I can only hope

I find this soon

Because I’m stuck in

This chrysalis–

I’m deep in

My cocoon,

And I want to rise

And see happy days!

Where all my heart–

All my soul, love, and joy

Are coming to stay!

2016-04-22 20.44.14

One thought on “Broken Dreams

  1. sweetdevil69 says:

    Sometimes dreams break to reincarnate in a more glorious form never lose hope, dare to dream & have to faith to fight for them if need be 😊


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