2016-04-01 20.44.53

Everyone has an opinion–
Everyone thinks he’s right!
Everyone says he tries his hardest
Before he falls asleep at night.

Everyone says he has it harder,
But everyone is to blame.
Everyone always gets defensive
When he is put to shame.

Everyone says he does more.
Everyone says he works harder.
Everyone keeps a mental note
Of who did more and who went farther.

Everyone thinks he knows best!
Everyone thinks he knows more!
Everyone pulls out his wallet,
And always says that he is poor.

Everyone drives me crazy!
Why doesn’t he settle down?
Everyone should notice
That he’s not the only one around!

And everyone should see
That a life could be on the line,
But he cares more about money;
He doesn’t notice other signs.

If everyone is right,
And nobody is lost,
Then everyone is selfish!
He should know there is a cost.

Nobody is perfect!
Nobody knows it all!
Nobody treats Everyone equal–
She’s the one who takes the fall.

If everyone would shut up,
And look around and see.
He should understand that
He’s no different than you and me!


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