Never Again


I never want to go down that road again–
One that leaves me wondering who I am.
Never again will I let myself be controlled–
Huddled, sad, unsure, and letting others scold.
I don’t need the uncertainty of being unloved
Like an unfit toy tossed away, and shoved!
I’m exhausted from being used and abused
Letting my heart open up, only to be bruised.
I won’t travel that road or cross that bridge
Gagging my mind and soul back into bondage.
I am worth more than others have let me see,
Which is why I am proud I set myself free!
You can tell me I’m worthless, a blunder…or not,
But I’m laboring hard to cut through that knot.
I will succeed because I now know my worth!
I wasn’t a mistake that was put on this earth!


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