Life As A Dance?


One step forward, two steps back…
I could look at my life as a dance,
But why am I so frustrated
For nobody giving me a chance?

I’m trying to remain calm–
To keep it all together,
But deep inside my head
Thoughts change like the weather.

I can’t seem to get it straight!
The water is drowning me inside!
Maybe I’m trying too hard!
All I want to do is run and hide!

What would that accomplish?
Where would I be then?
I try to muster up strength–
I tear from deep within.

But sometimes it’s so hard
To try to be so strong
When all throughout your life
You seem to do things wrong!

They say like attracts like,
So I’m trying to see good,
But blinders keep in distractions.
Still, I try to do what I should.

I don’t want to be known.
For my words when I have died.
I want to feel like I fit in–
Like my work is worth the pride.

I’m exhausted from searching!
Is this what life’s become?
I don’t believe for a moment
We shouldn’t have any fun.

Why this constant nagging?
Why this ache inside?
Why this competition?
Why do I feel so fried?

Wish I could turn off my brain
For only just a while–
To not have any troubles–
To not force out a smile.


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