One Day…


How many times have I sat here and wondered
If what I’m saying will reach someone new?
Whether or not I make a difference with writing
Is really an issue that provides me no clue!

Still, here I am, plugging away at the keys
Clever remarks drowning my every thought.
Trying to go with the flow I don’t do well…
Apprehensive of what I didn’t do, or ought.

One day, I’ll shine in the area I need!
Someday, I’ll understand why I am here!
But one thing I learned is to keep on going
To put myself out there and face my fear!

Here I am engrossed in this bubble.
Maybe in another life, I’m helping just me?
I’m hoping that’s just an illusion of mine,
And I’m truly assisting others to see.

Gibberish, I say, as I laugh at my thoughts!
Foolish, I think, as I type up this text!
What is the meaning to all this nonsense?
Even I’m left feeling perplexed.


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