A Fun Ditty


Sitting in the library, my face begins to smile
Trying to discover what makes it worth your while.
I can write an article to motivate, inspire,
But I’m starting to think poetry really sets the fire.
I know I’m not like others, I’m unique and I am proud,
But I really want to know what sets me from the crowd.
I’m trying to find my niche, my groove, my opening!
Something to catch your eye…that really makes me sing.
If only I could know, what brings in all the eyes.
Then, I’d never be discouraged for all my many tries.
I won’t quit writing, though, I do this to help me!
But I really strive for others to grow and be set free.
It would be a blast to know what others lust
Then, I could write something to really earn your trust.


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