Rise Above


They said, “You don’t have talent!
You’re not good enough to try!”
They said, “You’re fat and stupid,
And you’re living a big fat lie!”

They said, “You aren’t a soldier!
You’re weak and cry too much!”
They said, “You’re just a baby!
You use feelings as your crutch!”

They took advantage of you.
They raped you of your will.
You buried yourself in darkness.
While your soul…you let them kill.

You lived your life believing
That what they said was right.
You grew up scared of others,
And never saw the light.

Then, one day, you questioned life,
And cursed and yelled at God.
You asked Him why he let you live
When you were so deeply flawed.

You wondered why you hurt so much
When others seemed so glad.
You wondered why they stomped on you,
And made you feel so sad.

You looked up to the heavens,
And asked God for a sign.
Then opened up the Bible,
And felt guilty for your whine.

He said there is a time and purpose
For everything in life.
That your struggles make you stronger–
The weaker have less strife.

He told you that you’re worth it!
You’re not a loser, blunder, or trash!
He said to keep believing,
While others were being rash.

He said that you were beautiful–
A wonderful work of art.
That no matter what your age is now
It was never too late to start.


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