Overcoming Trauma


I’m lying in the present while nightmares of my past
Come gripping at my soul – my future overcast.
I sit in silent sorrow while I try to chase my dreams –
Ferocious words and deeds have me bursting at the seams.
I battle with the devil daily, but he’s never gonna win!
My obstacles and hurts make me stronger from within!
There are times I question and feel sorry for myself;
I’ve even tossed my fantasies upon a dusty shelf.
Still, something strong inside of me gets through another day,
And somehow I discover another way to play.
With double-crossing bodies seeping into my life,
You should understand, at times, I get lost in the strife.
But tomorrow still delivers unwritten, unused days
Which allows me to find time to soak in all its rays.
I’m losing friends and family because I found self-love,
And at times my only inspiration comes from up above.
But just like you, my friend, I’m here for a reason,
And I battle all the pain that compels the winter season.
If this is all I’m good for, then I hope I made a mark
To others who can’t seem to find their way out of the dark.
You see, my friend, what you don’t know is that we all are one,
But you are an original, and you compare to none.
So, when your doubts consume you on that never-ending road
Come talk to me and we will find a way to ease your load.


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