Tell Me


Tell me what’s it’s like to live a life in pain,
And I’ll show you how to smile while dancing in the rain.
Tell me how to live without knowing your tomorrow,
And I’ll show you how to laugh, even through the sorrow.
Tell me about the trauma you encountered as a child,
And I show you what it’s like to finally reconcile.
Tell me what you don’t have, and I’ll show you what I do.
Tell me you have nothing, and I’ll show you it’s not true!
Tell me love is dead, and I’ll show you that you’re wrong!
Tell me there’s no hope, and I’ll sing my fortune song.
Tell me how your life is bad, and that you want to die.
I’ll show you I understand, and sit with you and cry.
Tell me how the future makes you sit in fear,
And I’ll show you what to do to make it disappear.
Tell me how you have it bad, and how you hate your job.
I’ll discuss with you the times I came home with a sob.
Tell me there’s no point in life, and that everything’s in vain.
I’ll remind you of the times that I attempted to stay sane.
Keep telling me about it, Love, and I’ll try to make you see
That attitude is everything, and how optimism’s key.
I’ve been a mile in your shoes; I may have walked some more.
I’ve been without a home, a future, and yes, I have been poor.
But you can have it all, dear one, and still not understand.
The beauty of a sunset or the picture of God’s plan.
You can have the income, great credit, and a home.
But you will never understand why homeless people roam.
You can look at others with a feeling of disdain,
Or think because a person’s homeless that they’re without a brain.
But I have burned a hole into a homeless person’s shoes,
And I’ll tell you that I’m still alive, I have hope, and bear good news.
I’m not giving up, my love, so you should stick with me!
Because my awesome way of thinking has really set me free.
So, tell me what it is like to hate what you’ve become
I will show you there is gratitude, even as a bum.
You could be sleeping in a park with no shelter in the cold
But instead, you sit and grumble at another for being bold.
You think life threw you a curve ball, and it couldn’t get any worse.
Don’t ever think like that, my love, because you are your own curse.
Live life to the fullest with whatever God has planned,
Or you will picture everything as simply being bland.
Don’t throw your hopes into the waters of unbelieving doubt
Because there are others worse than you are, others go without.
If we could all just pull together and love like we are one
Then, life would be more bearable and we all can say we’ve won!


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