Set Free


I walked along a narrow path
That no one else could see.
I gripped and groped in darkness
While the others ran carefree.
I saw the others in the distance
Laughing at my pain,
But I had learned to dance
And frolic in the rain.
So, joyfully I danced along
The beaten path of hope,
And along the way encountered
A better way to cope.
While they all continued sneering
And snarling at me
I fought away the darkness,
And I am now set free.


4 thoughts on “Set Free

  1. allangilmour says:

    Very nice poetic words. Mr Midnight, Sir Winston and myself, from our blog “Gilmours Nice Place”, enjoyed reading your post. We all think you´re quite talented and hope you continue to write such inspiring stuff in the future. Kind regards gfrom the three of us. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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